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    Redundant Bumper Qs

    OK I swear I did some research but nothing was conclusive for me.

    So here’s my situation: ‘88 325is, prod. 9/87, US ugly chrome bumpers, late model lower front valence, late model tail lights.

    What can I swap the bumpers with? Can I do Euro chrome bumpers front and rear? Can I do US late model plastic bumpers? Can I do Mtech 1 or 2 bumpers? Can I do Mtech 1 or 2 valences??

    Is any of this plug n play??

    Thanks. :)
    "Time doesn't heal anything... It just teaches us how to live with the pain." - My Cracked Dashboard

    I don't think you can fit euro bumpers on an 88. You can however fit late model plastic bumpers. M-tech 1 is only for early euro bumpers, so that won't fit, but you can fit M-tech 2.