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1989 325i Headlight Covers

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    1989 325i Headlight Covers


    I ordered a set of headlight covers for my 89 325i. I used realoem and got the covers the site said my car used. Which is these below:

    I cannot get the right one to fit. It's not even close. The left one fits okay, but There isn't a hole for the peg on the bottom of the cover, so it leads me to believe that it is not the correct cover either. According to a VIN decoder. My car was built in 4/89.

    I picked up a pair of covers from CL and it appeared that those ones were for cars without ellipsoids. They were too shallow. Those were PN 517119161949 and 514319432779.

    Are there another part numbers for covers that I'm not seeing? Did some cars just not get them?

    Do you have any pictures of them attempting to fit them on the car? Based on your description I am inclined to believe you're installing them wrong but you never know!
    91 318iS - aluminum M52B28 + ZF320 + 3.15 Torsen