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Sunroof cable replacement

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    Sunroof cable replacement

    My E30 sunroof would not tilt on the drivers side & would bounce every time the car moved. I found the drivers cable had broken. I searched for information on installing sunroof cables but mainly found unanswered questions. I put the cables in this weekend & took a few pictures to hopefully help other doing the install.

    Start by sliding the headliner back & removing the sunroof panel, this is well documented.

    Next remove the 2 cable cover plates per side, you may have to move the sunroof to get at both screws for the rear plate

    You can now pull the cables out

    The rail will have to be transferred to the new cable. It took some force to remove but did not crack.

    Everything is then reassembled in reverse order. Once both cables are in loosen the flat blade screw under the handle, sorry I did not get a photo of this. This will take tension off the cables & allow you to push them into time. The cables are timed using a slot in the rear cable cover plate you removed.

    Once both sides are set to the same spot, tighten the screw & test movement. If all is good reassemble.
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    Sorry for the giant pictures, I can not find an option to resize in photobuckets site anylonger.


      Photobucket sucks. Try using

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