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Are seat bases interchangeable left to right?

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    Are seat bases interchangeable left to right?

    Please excuse the noob question. I’ searched for the last couple hours every thread on seat disassembly and repair, and can’t find the answer.

    Are the seat base on comfort seat left side ( passenger in USA) interchangeable with the driver side seat base?

    Its all original 1989 4 door 325iX. As typical, all the seats are perfect, except for the vinyl is split on my left side seat (driver side). It’s black vinyl comfort seats, and I’m looking to just fix the driver seat base.
    some used seats I’ve seen advertised as left/right. Can I use a nice passenger side base on my driver seat?


    No. the knobs will be on the wrong side.
    but you can use the skins and interchange them.


      Is there a place to get just a single skin for a single seat in the correct vinyl ? My only thought so far is to buy a good used passenger seat, just for the skin and putnit on my drivers seat.


        I imagine the material pattern is the same. When I disassembled my seats, I didn't notice any different between the two, but mine are sport seats, so not sure if that makes a difference. You should be able to find just the skin on eBay.
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