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Nardi steering wheel question

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    Nardi steering wheel question

    Hey guys I'm new here and I was hoping you guys could help me out.

    So I'm looking at this Nardi steering wheel some guy is selling on Craigslist and it comes with some an NRG "universal hub" and I was wondering if I would need to buy a new hub adapter since he's running the steering wheel on an Integra?

    The specs on the Nardi are 350mm if that helps

    I drive an 89 325i. Airbag-less 4 spoke steering wheel

    I've been searching but I just couldn't find what I was looking for
    Any input is greatly appreciated
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    You will need a hub for an e30 to run that wheel.

    Originally posted by slammin.e28
    The M30 is God's engine.


      Originally posted by LJ851 View Post
      You will need a hub for an e30 to run that wheel.
      That's what I was thinking, but will say a MOMO hub mount up to a Nardi?
      Any other hubs for e30's that can mount to a nardi?

      I'm sorry if I sound like such a noob, this is my first legit car I'm genuinely not trying to destroy.


        The nardi bolt pattern is different than the momo bolt pattern. You will either need an E30 hub drilled for the nardi bolt pattern or an e30 hub drilled with the momo bolt patter + a momo to nardi adapter. I do believe there are also hubs on the market drilled for both nardi and momo bolt patters (no adapter just the 2 patterns are offset from one another on the same hub).

        I ordered a nardi hub from crowders customizing expecting to receive a hub drilled just for nardi wheels but what I got was a momo hub with a nardi adapter. The hub and adapter where good quality but the wheel ended up sitting too far from the dash in my opinion. I have run all types of wheels on my car and so far the one I like the most is my italvolanti formel wood wheel with the crowders customizing momo hub. If I were you I would try and find a good quality hub drilled for both bolt patterns. If you cant find one, get a momo drilled hub with a nardi adapter just so you have the option of switching up wheels without having to buy another hub or adapter.