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    Seat Brackets/Rails

    I'm just about to start fixing up my very busted drivers seat and I was wondering if anyone had any insight or recommendations about the seat brackets?

    One of my seat bracket is pretty messed up and doesn't really slide anymore. Is this something worth trying to fix? My inclination is to replace with a new one but most aftermarket ones look like they are intended for fixed racing seats and I'm just looking for one for stock sport seats.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Sport seats are relatively easy to repair. Is the slider rusted? If not there probably something stuck in it. Remove the seat, flip it over and inspect them. Sometime wire that connects to the other slider is unhooked and not letting you slide when you pull up on the handle. Lithium grease is good for getting them smooth again.


      Wow I posted this a long time ago and only recently got my seat rebuilt, but I actually ran into a different but related seat rail issue. The bottom seat frame that I bought and used it out of a cabriolet and it does not line up properly with the rails that I already have. I was able to cobble it together just to be able to drive it but the bracket definitely needs to be replaced with one that actually fits, you know, for safety or whatever.

      So does anyone have a the rails for a driver's seat out of a cabriolet? Or know of a different option that will work?