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E30 Blower sounds like a Jet - low vent flow

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    E30 Blower sounds like a Jet - low vent flow

    Now that it's 100 in CA every day, naturally it's time to get the AC working.

    Anyone have any ideas why my blower sounds like a Jet turbine? It hardly blows any air on 4 setting and sounds awfully loud, hard to have a conversation. My old e30 was relatively quiet and blew me out on 4.

    I am guessing there's some ducting that's misaligned?

    Any suggestions?


    Two thoughts, pull the blower motor and make sure there is not something jammed in the vanes. While its out, spray some cleaner on the condenser and wash the condenser and heater core down real well which may be covered in dirt that is preventing air moving over them.
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      Smart man. Maybe the condenser is plugged. I have heard that some e30s have a cabin filter. Is this possible?


        Quick update -- I found that the driver side cage was broken. I removed all the broken parts and it still sounds like a jet. The heater core (I assume thats whats directly behind the blower) is dirty, I will clean that.

        Where is there access to clean the condenser? Also can you replace the bird cage only? Is that even worth my time?