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Rear seat - spring vs foam

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    Rear seat - spring vs foam

    I have a spring based rear seat and, that I believe has coconut husk backing, is deteriorating pretty bad. And, I think is the root cause of an odor when it rains. A few questions:
    1) Are the foam and spring seats interchangeable?
    2) Advantage of one over the other?
    3) If I keep the spring base, and recover the seat, what should I use to replace that backing? Burlap and some thin foam?

    I did recover my front sport seats myself, so I have the hog rings and pliers.
    2004 525i Manual - 1985 325E Coupe Manual

    yes there interchangeable.
    foam holds up better than horsehair ones
    ,,, but generally just the front bases that go !
    ,, ive got a good backing available, but kinda heavy on post ,,
    good luck,