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Cutting a new trunk deck

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    Cutting a new trunk deck

    Hey guys
    I've been restoring what was a former rust free parts car and i've made my way to the trunk.
    Currently laying down dynamat in the trunk itself, and would eventually like to put a 1/4" MDF deck down, before cutting a custom carpet piece to lay on top of that.

    It's been difficult to source out a piece of trunk carpet locally and I can't justify spending 150+ on carpet just to trace for the laser cutter to cut the MDF..

    Does anyone have a trunk carpet they could trace out for me onto construction paper or cardboard or something? Bonus points for a CAD file. Willing to pay for the time!

    Why dont you just template the thing with cardboard, scissors, and a yard-stick. K.I.S.S


      You probably resolved this by now but if not...

      E30 trunk linings don't actually fit the space perfectly, also getting one in and out as a one piece would be somewhat annoying especially if you had to do a quick tire change.

      Also, don't use MDF unless you fully seal it as the trunk linings do seem to be a moisture trap. A plastic or honeycomb aluminum base would be a good way to go.


        I was just thinking about cutting a piece of mdf or something out and wrapping some sort of carpet material around it. Since i always have stuff in my trunk it has caused my carpet to cave into the spare tire hole. Plus it might allow for a better place to put compressors if i bag the car this summer. If i pull mine today i can trace it for you and send a pic if you still need it