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NRG Short Hub - Turn Signal Cancellation

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    NRG Short Hub - Turn Signal Cancellation

    Hello All, wanted to see if anyone is currently using the NRG short hub on their rides?

    I've read that the NRG Short Hub disables the Turn Signal Cancellation function. Wasn't sure if anyone has found any way around this or not?

    Wanting to purchase the short hub as I've seen other hubs on the market further extend the wheel (in this case, I would prefer a hub that would not extend the wheel as much possible). If there are any other short hubs on the market that anyone could recommend that can achieve this while still maintaining the Turn Signal Cancellation function, please let me know. Thanks all!
    Last edited by E30inNV; 11-26-2020, 12:45 PM. Reason: Changing topic

    Just changed the topic of this thread. Hoping to get some feedback from someone who is using the NRG short hub. Thanks all!