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How to install US ELLIPSOIDS using my plug and play connector set!

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    Originally posted by StereoInstaller1
    Maybe 300 CANADIAN HP, thats like 225 US HP.


      I'm glad I found this old DIY. With this set up, do I have to jump the PIN 87 of the two high and low beam relays?
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        I don't remember the pin numbers but yes, you'll have to jump for the high/low combo.
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          Sorry to revive a very, very old thread, but what's the story with doing this to a 91 318is? I have to run a jumper wire on what pin? Is it as simple as brown wire-to-brown wire, white-to-white, etc. or is it more than that? Sorry, I know how to splice and solder wires but outside of that I'm dumb as a stump when it comes to wiring. Picking up a 91 tomorrow and I wanna get rid of the sealed beams ASAP.
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            The jumping is not required, it's just more desirable for the low beams to stay on when the high beams are in use.

            The info should be on R3V somewhere.
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              I'm going to attempt this today. The difference is i'm going to put in a H1 HID kit. and some Ebay Made in China Smileys that I got for 124 bucks shipped. The HID has a blue and black connector wire that goes to the ballasts which in turn go to the bulb itself. I'm going to plug the blue connector into the non brown connection coming from my early model wiring as shown in Mr 325s diagram and I will plug the black wire
              into the same connector the brown wiring is hanging from.

              Here are the two wires coming from the ballasts that I will plug into the early model plastic connector

              Here is the HID kit in it's entirety.

              Will it be required that I move both non brown wires together or is it fine that I leave one of the other non brown connectors where it sits? I'm not too concerned with using my high beams at the moment.

              here are the smileys i bought

              Well it worked out better than anticipated. I did notice however The lights stick out a bit more and they hit up against the Euro Grill upper eyelid. I take it they were made for USDM grills and not Euro Grills. Another issue I have is that the plastic cover that blocks access to the black of the lights can no longer be mounted unless I mount the ballasts somewhere under the lights. I'll need to find a nice spot to mount them before I can proceed.

              I have not wired up the high beams nor the city lights. i'll probably wait till I get pigtails for those.
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                This comes up in search quite a bit, so I figured I'd post this here.

                Sealed beam to US ellipsoid conversion DIY video:
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                  Going to try this today! Thanks for this.