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left tail light/license plate light out

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    left tail light/license plate light out

    Good Evening!

    I just bought an '87 325is. The left side tail light and license plate lights are out. I tried to locate the wiring harness and all it led to was a little white box under the metal bracket that holds the trunk lock with no actual electrical connections.

    I've tried looking for videos online to help and have come up dry.

    Is there some place where those wires should lead that I am not seeing?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!

    General Discussion is not a catch-all; please do not ask technical questions there. If you don't know where to ask your question, post it in General Technical and we'll move it to the appropriate subforum if necessary. Thanks in advance, and welcome to the forum.
    Originally posted by kronus
    would be in depending on tip slant and tube size


      the headlight switch.. that fixed my rear license plate lights..


        Thanks for the reply. I ended up checking it out more thoroughly and it ended up being a short in the wiring harness that unlocks the trunk. The wires underneath kept getting pulled so I re-routed them and it solved all of my problems. Thanks again though for taking the time to try and help. It means a lot!