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6x9's on rear parcel shelf?

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    6x9's on rear parcel shelf?

    Has anyone ever put 6x9's in the speaker holes of the rear parcel shelf? I wanted to know if you actually have to cut the holes out any bigger to make them fit.

    - Mr. Anderson

    My dad had this done to his car. You do indeed have to cut larger hole. He just had the shop fab a new rear shelf so he could put his stock one back in if he were to sell it. HTH,


      I've got 6x9's on there rear deck. What I did was I went to best buy and buaght 6x9 speaker stands. They raise the speaker up and inch or so. I still had to do some light cutting to the rear deck to clear the magnet but that was it.
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        Oval speakers distort sound sooner than traditional circular speakers.

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          here's mine.

          The cardboard under the carpet on the rear deck is already porforated for a 6x9 opening. I just cut it out and raised the surround to be even with the upper portion of the deck. Then I had it professionally covered.

          Although the sound is better with round speakers, if I go that route I would rather put in components. However, they are a little pricey at this time and I like the look right now. Much beefier. The sound is pretty full too, just that the bass is doesn't hit hard enough.
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            6.5 Compents

            I put a pair of Infinity 605 Reference Componets in the back of my 318is. I have an Alpine MRV-F407 powering them Bridged. They are very loud, Sound very clear and even bump a little. I use to have Two Infinity 12.1 Perfects in the trunk powered by an Alpine MRV-T1507, I fried the Infinity's. I have not yet put any in the front... I am kind of waiting to see what goes on with Jordans little addition to the map holder on the door panets.. I like the idea. but I would put some Infinity's in the front also. Even though anyone that has sit in my car doesn't know there are no front speakers..


              My setup. I had to trim The rear shelf and saw away some sheet metal from inside the trunk to make plenty of room for the magnets. Looks awesome from the trunk and inside. I have since done away with the X-plod covers and put on some infinities.

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