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Got Bass? Spring box build is here! E34s too!

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  • StereoInstaller1
    Nope, but I would have to re-design, might have to be down the road a bit. Lemme see what I can do...that shop hung its sign today, I don't have much time.

    EDIT: Jean, if you want, I can do a 1.5 cubic foot sealed box for your E34. Makes more sense for a DB12 anyway, they sound like ass ported.

    For you, $200 shipped. Pay me!

    I can do it this weekend ONLY.

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  • Jean
    If possible I would like a 12" box for e34, i have a polk db 12" sitting in a box and 4channel amp as well. Have you already posted pictures of what the e34 boxes look like etc?

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  • Got Bass? Spring box build is here! E34s too!

    Guys, this is absolutely the LAST time 10" boxes will be shipped for $200....and if you are east of the Mississippi, you have to add $10.


    Anyway, there are 2 12" boxes 80% done, 10 10" boxes 85% done and wood pre-cut for the E34 box, like CorvallisBMW STILL hasn't posted decent pics of.

    Both 12" boxes are reserved, but I still have time to do more.

    If you have been thinking about a sub, NOW is the time.

    I will be working temporarily in Bremerton, for a few weeks, helping a friend open his shop, make a few bucks and help him find an installer. This may be the last batch until well after April, and let me tell you, my S50 swap takes priority over building boxes.

    I think when the sawdust settles a little, I will snap a pic or three of the progress.

    Paypal is stereoinstaller1 AT gmail DOT COM