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1/3 of fuses are not hot. Whats going on?

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    1/3 of fuses are not hot. Whats going on?

    Hello all troubleshooting my swap and came across some problems. I was going through checks and realized that the windows dont work. Checked to see if the breaker was popped it wasnt so them I checked the green/blue wire on the breaker which should be hot. It wasnt. So then I was like WTF when to check the fuses #17 was still good. Tested it for switched power and got nothing.

    My next thought process was to check all the fuses the results are:
    Always hot:
    #21 radio interior lights clock etc
    #22 parking lights
    #23 more lights
    #24 hazard lights
    #27 radio/antenna
    #28 Cigar lighter

    Switched Power 1 click:
    #4 glove box light
    #5 wipers
    #6 ABS
    #12 lights, speedo, clock

    Switched power 2 clicks:
    #8 Rear defogger
    #9 diagnosis connector

    At this point everything should have power yet the following do not
    #1 headlights
    #2 Headlights
    #3 Aux fan
    #7 horn
    #13 headlight
    #14 Headlights
    #16 heated seats
    #17 Windows
    #19 fans
    #20 Blower
    #29 & 30 fogs (which I dont have)

    I checked all of these things and none worked with the exception of the headlights which operated normally.

    Relays K5 K6 K7 all have hot power at pin 30 other than that they appear to not clicking over (all 3).

    Im really at a loss here, not sure where to go next. Dont know if I didnt wire something correctly or what. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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