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Generic Gentex Homelink Mirror Retrofit

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    Generic Gentex Homelink Mirror Retrofit

    Note: In progress, will take pictures when I'm done.

    Gentex is the OEM manufacturer of most Homelink/autodimming mirrors and I had one from my old BRZ, so I figured I'd install it on the E30. Bonus is that looks a lot sleeker and cleaner than the BMW clown nose homelink mirrors. The base is also a lot smaller. Since Subarus are plentiful, the homelink mirrors should be plentiful. There are also found on many other vehicles. GNTX-453 should be stamped on the mirror. You can use the Donnelley mirrors and the other GNTX mirrors, but the wiring will be slightly different.

    Props to:

    To summarize the relevant info from those threads, you need to do the following:

    Remove stock mirror

    Glue the mirror button (the piece that the mirror clips onto) on the windshield.

    Find a place to tap ground and 12V ACC, and optionally Reverse power off (to
    turn the auto-dimming off when going into reverse).

    Install the mirror onto the mirror button.

    To install a Subaru/Gentex homelink/autodimming mirror you need:

    1) A Homelink mirror. Most should be fine, but mine was specifically from a 13 BRZ (GNTX-453) Make sure to grab the wiring harness that goes from the back of the mirror to a connector under the headliner. There's also a wire cover that it comes with for a cleaner look. You also need the adapter bracket (H501SSA040) if using a Subaru button. Instructions here:

    2) A Subaru button. I have a buddy who works at the parts department @ Toyota, so I just had him get me a FR-S button. It comes with a C Clip that looks like a U with the ends flared out.

    3) Permatex Rearview Mirror Adhesive Kit.


    1) Glue the button on, with about 1-2" of space from the headliner.

    2) Find a source for 12V Acc, Ground, and Reverse off if you want that feature. There are 3 wires that come out of the Subaru harness. The middle wire is ground, the black with white stripe is 12V Acc, and the remaining wire is reverse off. I decided to use my check panel.

    Brown (Pin 9) is ground - tap this, and connect your middle cable from your Subaru harness to this.
    Violet/Green (Pin 23) is 12V Acc - tap this, and connect your black/white cable from your Subaru harness to this.

    Those are the only 2 needed for Homelink/Auto Dim/Compass.

    If you want to run a reverse off, run a wire from the mirror to your center console, Blue/White should be reverse power. Tap that and connect it to the black wire (not the middle one) from your Subaru harness.

    3) Once the button is firmly stuck, mount your adapter plate to the button.

    4) Install the mirror on the adapter plate.

    5) There is a wire cover that conceals the wire as it runs up from the mirror to the headliner. Put it over the mirror and clip it into place

    6) Connect the harness to the mirror. If you were successful, everything should work. Test compass by pushing it. Test dimming by covering the sensor on the front and shining a light at the sensor on the front. Your mirror should dim. Program homelink to work with up to 3 garage doors/gates.

    7) Reinstall Check Panel, you're done!

    Optional: There is a rubber grommet/plug that fills the gap for the stock mirror and the headliner. Since you no longer have the stock mirror installed, there is a square hole in the middle. I took some electrical tape and covered up the hole grommet so that it's less noticeable. If someone has a better solution, I'd love to hear about that.
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