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Central locking problems

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    Central locking problems

    Hey guys I need some advice on where to start with my locking issues. Here's the situation.

    -Driver door tumbler seized up (Can't turn key at all)

    -Can only lock car by locking from passenger side inside (And look pretty dumb doing so)

    -Can usually unlock both doors from passenger side but I've already broke one key in that door like 2 weeks ago.

    -Trunk locks usually unlock both doors but sometimes only driver door. (Once in a blue moon I can lock both doors from it)

    -Just tried installing a keyless entry to the central locking, and it only unlocks (sometimes both, sometimes only driver) Locking never works. Tried testing some other wires on the system and nothing works if I change it so it's probably wired in right. (plus its only 4 wires)

    I figure I definitely need a new tumbler for the driver door, but not sure what else or what to do to fix it up.

    Any advice appreciated! Thanks!

    Change the tumbler and go from there. If the actuator is seized or stiff it will overload.

    I would disconnect all the tumblers from the locks and test them with the keyless entry and see if they all work.The gas filler cap lid also has one.
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      So essentially, without the tumblers connected everything should still be able to lock?