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E30 speedometer blown resistor

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    E30 speedometer blown resistor

    I blew a resistor in my speedometer, It stopped working right after I reflowed all the connectors on the c2 plug tryi g to fix a fuel guage issue.
    what would cause the resistors to blow? Taking it back apart I noticed that you could either have the speedometer plug having the missing pin on the bottom of the cluster or the top. I can plug it in either way but I am now not sure which is right.

    My speedo had the same problem , 91 325ix . Car had been just sitting around , started & moved over (2) years . By itself the speedo would go straight to 110mph when the key turned on . Replaced the VDO board with used parts & all good !


      i will see if i can find a picture, but you can either have one prong above or below, the cluster circuit board is not keyed, and i think that is 100% what blew the circuit board on the speedometer


        So it was caused by me incorrectly connecting the speedometer to the cluster board, here is both possibilities, both were able to be screwed together, none the wiser to me...

        Click image for larger version

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        Click image for larger version

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        I believe the blank pin on the bottom is the correct way to install it, if you install it incorrectly you will have no speedometer, and odometer, or trip meter.