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Turn signal goes out intermittently along with brake light

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    Turn signal goes out intermittently along with brake light

    Hey folks. My 91 325is starts up with the brake light check activated on the OBC until I press on the brakes, then it (usually) disappears. After driving around for a while, the turn signals won't work. The stalk will be activated (up or down position), but there's no "clicking" noise, no turn signal blinker on the cluster, and no turn signal blinking from the front/rear lights. At this point, the brake light also doesn't activate when I press the brakes. The brake light switch is audibly engaged when pressing the brakes, however.

    It'll either go away on its own after a few mins or it won't. If it doesn't go away after a few mins, I pull over and finagle with the brake light switch and wiring near the brake pedal for a while, and then the turn signals/brake lights work again.

    The brake light switch was replaced two years ago, according to the extensive paperwork of the vehicle. The dash was also replaced a few years ago - potentially a wire became loose through the process.

    This is a pretty dangerous situation and has me paranoid about driving - I'm constantly engaging the turn signal just to ensure the brake light is working. I'd really rather not have to take out the entire dash to fix this problem - where should I start to diagnose this issue?
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    I would start by cleaning the taillight bulb sockets and grounds. You might have some corrosion causing some issues.

    I'd then suspect the turn signal switch. They do go bad.


      I'd also like to mention that the hazards do work when the turn signal/brake lights don't.