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Adding an amp and a sub to 2 channel premium sound system

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    Adding an amp and a sub to 2 channel premium sound system

    I will admit I am a total noob when it comes to the car audio. I have an 1987 325is w/ the 2 channel premium sound (and amp) w/ the in dash fader. I recently replaced the after market head unit from the PO w/ the Continental model that looked more period correct. Sound is much better and consistent but I still wanted some more bass. I've purchased a subwoofer and now I just need to power it.

    I figure I have two options:

    Option A) Bypass the premium amp and wire up a 5 channel amp
    Option B) Keep the existing set up (Front and Rears powered by the premium amp; and hook up a mono amp just for the sub.

    I have two questions:

    If I go Option A - Anyone know if Brandnic finished his plug n play harness kit for the 5 channel amp?
    If I go Option B - Since I have the two channel sound system, and the way the head unit is hooked up, only Front outputs (Rears are unused) sends signals to the premium amp. If I go the mono amp for the sub, can I just use the currently unused rear outputs of the head unit to go to that amp? Total noob question, but I just want to confirm before doing anything.

    Thanks guys...