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E30 3rd brake light delete with check panel fix.

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    E30 3rd brake light delete with check panel fix.

    Disclaimer: Please check your local laws concerning the requirement of a 3rd brake light.

    I'm sure this has posted before but I couldn't find a link with useful pictures so I'm making one.

    One of the first things I did was delete the bulky 3rd brake light on my convertible by replacing the trunk lid from a coupe. Ever since I bought the car, I've had that pesky little check panel brake light. When I removed the original trunk lid, I was unaware that you could unplug the third brake light harness. I just assumed it went all the way through so I cut it with the intention of jumping the wires to bypass the check light. However, when I tried jumping the the wires, nothing happened. Turns out the wires were torn from the trunk opening and closing over the years. After seeing that, I cut the cable to where it was torn. Here is the final results of jumping the cables:

    I finally have check free panel! Hallelujah!
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    I replaced my trunk lid but didn’t know what to do with the cables.

    Now I have a plan.

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