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Attaching a hardtop

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    Attaching a hardtop

    I have an 89 vert.
    I am looking for the removable hardtop.
    Is there a set of instructions outlining how to attach to the car?

    Also, is there a pulley system I can put in my garage to remove and store the top in summer?

    Depending on where you are at in the country, you will find one sooner than later. They are out there. I used to think they were a myth, but just keep looking, you'll get one. I found mine in a barn in Wisconsin, noticed a convertible for sale in an old craigslist ad that had it visible in the background of a picture, but never explicitly mentioned it. Tracked the guy down and he was happy to sell it separately.

    The attachment is mostly straightforward. I have been able to put it on alone, but this is a two person job in order to be careful. I'm sure the person you eventually buy it from will walk you through it, if not, anyone here can. You'll have your canvas top down and in the compartment, there's a plug on each side of the boot to remove, once you do will be exposed two holes for the rear hardtop pegs to drop into. The front will attach just exactly how your canvas top does.

    Back at the boot connections, on the driver side you can attach a hidden wire from the car to the hardtop so that your defroster button will work with the rear glass on the hardtop. You will need a wrench to twist and adjust/tweak and lock the pegs in place to the car. After some playing around with this, you'll get it, you'll notice when it sucks down tight to the car and is secure.

    There may or may not be instructions out there, but I think you'll be able to figure it out without too much trouble. As far as a pulley system to hoist a hard top, you'd probably have to devise your own. When I don't use mine, I lift it off the car with another person and have two hooks up high in the corner of the garage and with a couple of ropes secured by the front latches of the hardtop, and hang it vertically. Most solutions I've ever seen for hardtop storage are pretty DIY.

    good luck with your search! the hardtop is a nice add on to this car. I like mine so much I rarely ever take it off anymore.
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      ^^^ What he said.

      In addition you need to make sure your car has the hardtop mounts installed in the rear. I'm 99% sure this was not a standard item that was installed in all cars (although my car has them (87 - no history if previous owner had a hardtop)).

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