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Compartment lid not closing, rattling noise from the lid motor. Please help!

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    Compartment lid not closing, rattling noise from the lid motor. Please help!

    Sorry for this lengthy post, but I read most of the posts on this discussion board and I cannot get a clear answer to my problem,
    I own a 1992 Convertible with an EM top. Everything worked fine until the day I decided to change the convertible top support shocks on my car. I ordered an OEM from my local BMW dealer. Just shocks, but no sleeves, as sleeves look brand new.
    So, I changed the driver’s side shock, but I had a hard time to put a sleeve on it. Eventually I was able to do it, but it was a very tight fit. Unfortunately, I did not compared how my original sleeve fit over the old shock, if I did, I probably would not be having this problem. I attempted to try to open and close my convertible top with the drive’s side new shock and passenger’s side old shock, just to see if there is any difference. The top closed and opened with a large amount of resistance coming from the sleeve sliding over the shock, there was a squeaking noise when the plastic rubs against the metal. I opened and closed my top a couple of times, pressing on the lid to help it close. Then I decided to remove the new shock and examine it closer. Here is what I found; the new OEM shocks are about 0.5mm thicker in diameter than the original, as a result, the old sleeves are too small in diameter to slide them on freely. I put my old shock back on and tried to close and open my convertible top. The top would open, the lid would open, the top would fold into the storage compartment, but the lid will not lock. It would stop about 1 inch from being closed completely. I could hear rattling in the lid motor, and I could see locks on both sides shaking at the same time. When closing the top, the lid would close with no problem. I am guessing, with the top down there is more resistance on the lid than to close from the stowed top. I spent numerous nights reading all the different posts on discussion boards but I got no clear answer. Does anybody know what the problem could be? I looked at the motor; and there is a small gap between the cover and the body, about 2mm. I can see a bit of the gear showing. Is the problem that the cover bent from the force and now is not properly engaging? I found the “hose clamp fix” on this board, is this what I should try? In order to feed clamps I need to slightly loose the motor. Will this reset all micro switches? In addition, I am unsure about the synchronization and initializing process, because even after reading several posts, I am not 100% sure how to do it. I called a couple of dealers in my area, and I am already waiting a week to get an answer if they can do this. I think they don’t want to touch this.
    In regards to the new shocks, I ordered new sleeves too, but they come from Germany and I need to wait two weeks for them. At this point I don’t know how they are going to fit over the new shocks.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.