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Glove box wiring tuck issues

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    Glove box wiring tuck issues

    Hi guys,

    So I'm rebuilding a '90 cabrio and got stuck at finishing the engine wiring - connecting the DME etc.
    I cannot seem to get the right position for the wiring into the glovebox.

    I've tried different positions and routes, everything seems off. I cannot get the correct clips and latches positions of the cover no matter how I try mainly because of the wiring.

    Do you guys have some pics for the original routing of wiring ? Is there something different in cabrio versions vs coupe/sedans in regard to this that I should know ?

    I would really appreciate some pictures or advices on how to properly tuck all those 3 connections into the glovebox.

    Some variants I've tried, none is working. What am I missing ?