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E30 manual top operation troubles!

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    E30 manual top operation troubles!

    Hope all is going well!

    I'm running into an issue with a convertible I just purchased. Among other things, the operation of the top isn't working at the moment. When I pull the handle behind the driver's seat, I hear some clicks but am unable to lift up the storage lid. I took the molding off around that handle and unscrewed the handle to see if the cables were connected to it in the back. They appear to be both connected to the handle. While trying to disassemble the handle of COURSE it snapped in half and a new one is on the way.

    Where do I start in remedying this issue?

    Gotta ask the basic question: Do you know there is a safety catch you need to also activate to open the tonneau cover?
    it is under the cover, on drivers side. Just slide your finger under the cover and you will find it. Basically just above the handle for the main latch.
    Just like the hood on every vehicle.


      I had a similar issue when I first got my convertible. Ultimately I was able to use a screwdriver at the latches and trip them open. Once I had the tonneau cover open I lubed and tightened the tension on the cables. They had apparently stretched a bit over the years.


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