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Blow through MAF... Comments, Concerns... Emotional Outbursts?

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    Blow through MAF... Comments, Concerns... Emotional Outbursts?

    Looking to find some hard numbers or at the very least, user experience.

    Using the stock MAF (M50NV DME:402) how many psi of boost can it reliably read? I have been looking into getting an Ostrich 2.0 emulator and using ProTuner RT (with a wideband O2) to tune for 7-10psi and am unsure if the stock MAF is up to the task.

    Obvisously I can run the MAF as a draw through and put it before the charger. I would like to put it in the charge pipe so I can use my BOV to vent to atmosphere instead of converting it to a diverter valve and venting back to before the charger (but after the MAF). This would also allow me not to have to extend my MAF wiring to the other side of the engine bay as well.

    As always you guys are super helpful, thanks in advance!

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    Forced_Firebird has stated that he has been tuning for 1 bar this way through the stock MAF since like 2009. But that was from a post over at and I don't have permission to post or PM people over there in an attempt to pick his brain.


      I will be right where you are mid summer. I currently use ostrich/tunerprort combo for a nitrous setup, next im adding cams then I'll install my gt35 and do a blow through on low boost prob 8psi. Look around on bimmerforums you have to do a bit of digging but there is bit's and pieces of info. I wish there was more discussion here, there are about 12 people between here and e30tech using this method of tuning which is suprising to say the least. Everyone jumps straight to a standalone or pays XXX.XX for a generic "performance tune".


        have troubles with an 402 DME, it always get lean at 8-10 psi, ive change it for an 413, m50b25 single vanos camshafts, vanos controller, install the 2 knock sensors, the complete harness, the CPS was different, and everything works fine!, right now it has 60 LB/hr Injectors, WAR chip and Blow trough MAF, and it runs great... have some issues with mixture deviation, but im working on that... thanks to Brody it is getting better.
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          60 lbs/hr?! That seems HUGE for 8-10 psi. Are you running more than that? Well I have a 402, so that is what I am going to use. This is all presuming that I can get the damned blower mounted... There may not be room for it.