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Megasquirt 1 v2.2 on m20, need help with some of the wiring

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    Megasquirt 1 v2.2 on m20, need help with some of the wiring

    So I bought this Megasquirt 1 v2.2 from a guy. He had it running on an m30 engine. This is my first Megasquirt and so I need some help with the wiring and all.
    I've found some diagrams online and have gotten this far:

    I've also wired up the crank position sensor which kinda seems to be working. When I crank the engine, spark advance changes with the CPS plugged in. It won't show RPM tho.
    The Megasquirt has a VR adaptor added to it tho. So should I wire the CPS to that instead?
    Here's a picture of it:
    There was a writing on the box that said that I should connect the red wire to ignition coil negative and the blue/yellow wires to ground. That was quite confusing.

    I also have no idea how to wire the thing up to the main relay.
    And the TPS as well. Which wire is which?

    Any help is appreciated. :)

    Make sure you have the settings in your spark timing dialog correct. For a standard late model M20, you should be using a 60-2 wheel with the missing teeth at ~84° before TDC. You will want to verify this on your own personal engine. I just did it last night and on my car it's 90°.

    I don't know anything about MS1 (I'm running MS3X) so I can't help on how to wire up the VR sensor, all I can say is that you should follow the documentation & if you have issues post on the MSExtra forums.

    For the main relay, you can do it a couple ways (as described here). I chose to do it the simple way and wired the relay directly to the key-on/run/crank position in the wiring harness. This means that instead of using the ECU to trigger the relay, it automatically triggers as soon as you turn the key into any of the on positions. I also ran the output of the main relay to the ECU, I do not give the ECU power 24/7 like the stock Motronic system did.

    For TPS, you need to convert your car to use an E36 TPS. You will have to swap wires 1 and 2 of the stock E30 harness. I ended up replacing the stock connector with a new one (crimped new pins on) since I couldn't de-pin it for some reason. The pinout is as follows (I think):
    1. E36 Ground
    2. E36 Signal
    3. E36 +5V ref