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'Base' tune for heavily modified M20B29

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    'Base' tune for heavily modified M20B29

    Hey everyone,

    Getting fairly close to having my engine block together and and back in the car. I plan on spending most of the next couple weeks relaxing with family and friends over the holiday season... and getting a rough tune ready for the motor.

    Basically if anyone has any recommended starting points or things to look out for, I would greatly appreciate the heads up. For reference, I am currently moving forward with the following setup:
    • Fully sequential, M20 2.9L. Turbocharging next Christmas. Will be running dual fuel 91+/e85.
    • MS3 pro ultimate. Full featured tuner studio.
    • All new wiring harnesses.
    • ID1050x injectors
    • ID750 fuel filter with PTS sensors.
    • Flex fuel sensor (haven't actually picked this up yet, if anyone has any recommendations I'd love to hear it).
    • Camshaft position sensor.
    • Planning on replacing the VR crank trigger with a hall sensor.
    • Wideband 02.
    • Individual coil packs (IGN 1A).
    • Probably just run the factory coolant temperature sensor.
    • Factory ICV.
    • Deleted factory airbox, planning on IAT/MAP sensor for speed density airflow.
    • Electric fan controlled by the MS3. Factory fan and clutch assembly deleted.
    • Variable TPS.
    What I still need/want to figure out:
    1. Oil pressure, temperature sensor. Also need a turbo oil tap.
    2. I'd really like to try and use the ABS sensors for traction control. My understanding is these are VR sensors reading a toothed gear in each wheel hub? Can I "share" them with the ABS controller?
    3. Just going to send a minimal set of signals to the instrument cluster (replacing with a home brew solution in the near future), but I would also really like to get the speed sensor signal from the diff to the MS3.
    4. Also leaning strongly towards per cylinder EGT when figure out turbo manifold.
    5. Need to provision some signals for the turbo setup.
    6. Is it worthwhile keeping an eye on crankcase pressure? I'm am currently debating on whether to vent to atmosphere through a catch can or try and maintain vacuum (which may get a bit complicated one the blower is in place).
    I have a build thread going in the M20 subforum that probably has some additional details.