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help with tuning.

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    help with tuning.

    So I'm having issues with tuning my car. Appears that I have a stuck injector but I dont from bench testing. car smokes llikes crazy and wreaks of fuel but AFR is hitting 14:3. We have cut fuel to almost have with no fix. plugs looks fine I'm so lost idk what to look at. Any ideas?

    1989 325is l 1984 euro 320i l 1970 2002 Racecar
    1991 318i 4dr slick top

    Euro spec 320i/Alpina B6 3.5 project(the never ending saga)
    Vintage race car revival (2002 content)
    Mtech 2 turbo restoration
    Brilliantrot slick top "build"

    Trust your nose more than the AFR gauge. It will read lean when there is unburned mix (which happens when it is super rich), and is an average of all cylinders.

    What ECU? Can you post more information on conditions(idle, wot, etc) and setup? A log would be helpful
    '84 318i M10B18 147- Safari Beige
    NA: 93whp/90ftlbs, MS2E w/ LC, 2-Step
    Turbo: ?whp/?ftlbs, MS3x flex @ 17psi