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Exhaust leak and poor idle

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    Exhaust leak and poor idle

    A couple weeks ago I noticed an exhaust leak at the connection from the manifold to the downpipe. It must have been leaking for quite some time & I didn't notice. I replaced the cat some time ago & made the mistake of re using the gaskets. Apparently looking fine and being fine are not the same thing.

    Initially I tried tightening the manifold nuts, but that didn't fix it. I bought some aftermarket gasket material from Remflex & cut my own new gaskets.

    What I thought was an unrelated crappy idle was being caused by this leak.
    Car now idles very steady, although if my tach is correct it is low at about 600rpm.

    The sound is much better too. What I had attributed to just a loud engine when I would have the hood open now is just the sweet sound of a M20B25 (rocker arm tap).

    Just because photos:

    I have the same leak, any tips on doing it? or did you have a sjop do the job? I can't stand the loud noise anymore...
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      I used aluminum gaskets for mine, they work pretty good.
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