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Remus exhaust?

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    Remus exhaust?

    Hi all,

    I was up late the other night and letís jist say i wasnít exactly sober lol. I made an offer on a Remus system on eBay and went to bed. I woke up the next morning and found out Remus had accepted my offer! Itís for a slightly used (200 mi) Remus Catback with tips for 700+ 75 shipping. Seems to be about 150-200 off the cost of brand new.

    My question is basically, do you guys think this is a good deal? I havenít paid yet, and if i decide i donít want it i feel like the seller would be willing to cancel the bid lost but likely. Just wondering if Iím getting screwed on a used exhaust when i could get a new one for not much more. Iíve always wanted a Remus

    you should honor your commitment. you definitely didn't get robbed, if it only has 200 miles.

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      Yeah, I definitely have always wanted a Remus, i just see it for $621 with free shipping. Can’t seem to find pricing on the tips except from Remus @ $300. So honestly just trying to make sure I’m not getting screwed.

      Remus USA, the seller, says it was used for a promo and that was it. I’m toldnjt should come with all the gaskets and stuff as well except the one gasket set.

      I really prefer to be a man of my word, so im probably just going to pay and buy it. I just wanted to make sure i didn’t make a sucker ass offer accidentally cause i shouldn’t be online shopping in that state, hahahah


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