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Valve lapping wastegate

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    Valve lapping wastegate



    So I was thinking about doing this but really does it matter?
    I'm still looking for people testing wastegates up to maybe 30psi even china gates.
    Since we never would see or notice the gate leaking who knows.

    What do you guys think?

    Is this in consideration of China gates or all wastegates?
    I'd be much more worried about the diaphragm tearing in the cheap gates. I've torn two already before wising up.
    My excuse for purchasing them was two friends using the same one successfully for a couple years. (14psi & 16psi)

    1991 325iS turbo


      Probably for china gates but anything really.

      Thinking about it more I can hold 30psi with my finger so that seat would have
      to be super warped. If it's water tight I would think it would be air tight too
      so just dump some atf on the bottom of the seat see if it's comes out the other end would be a good test.

      Just sorta thinking out loud here.


        I have done it several times with a totally disassembled ones when reconditioning it

        Not thinking I would chance destroying a engine that was built to run 30 psi for a couple hundred bucks
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