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Parts yard twin screw superchargers exist

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    Parts yard twin screw superchargers exist

    Hey everyone, figured I have no job for the time being, so I'd spend my time learning about how to inexpensively add some boost to my ride. I've got an eaton m90 roots blower, but really hate how inefficient they are, and how much heat they make so I started digging. Nothing affordable came with centrifugal blowers, and they have lag like a turbo so that's out. Eaton roots blowers are about all you'll find at pick n pull, so that's out. Twin screw is more efficient than roots and actually compresses the air as it passes through the blower. As far as engines in production vehicles normal mortals can afford they came in four flavors, three of which you will not find on blocks at a yard. CLS55 AMG and other "55" V8 AMG Mercedes, C32 and SLK32 AMG Mercedes, Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 are out due to being exotic. The "55 AMG" blowers are too big for the kind of boost I want on my build so I didn't dig too deep on those. The other vehicle with a twin screw? Well, apparently the Mazda Millenia S came with an IHI S76, and it's an awesome blower from what I gather, completely shunned by the automotive community due to it being;

    1) Buried under plastic, out of sight from junkyard vultures
    2) Attached to a car that was shaped like a bar of soap that didn't hype up the fact that it had a blower, other than an "S" in it's name.
    3) Came on the only production vehicle to use the miller cycle vs the otto cycle, meaning the goal was efficiency, not outright power.
    4) Lack of performance minded mad scientists in the Mazda community

    People don't really have much to say about it, and the general, uneducated consensus is it's not a good blower because it didn't make crazy power on the Mazda but check it. The C32 AMG uses damn near the same blower, just a slightly more efficient version of it called the S105, which it shares with the Crossfire SRT6. The Mercedes engine is a 3.2L 18v v6, and stock they make 14.5psi of boost. People pulley up these things to 20 something psi. I honestly did no research on the Crossfire because I found what I needed from the Mercedes guys. Perhaps the SRT6 Crossfire guys have different size pulleys EDIT; They have 154.4mm crank, 74.2mm sc pulleys, just so we know.

    I believe one of these would pair well with a BMW inline 6, and I plan on grabbing one for my big bore m30 build. They are long (over 2 feet) but hey, inline 6s are long af so it shouldn't be a huge issue space wise. There are two Mazda Millenia S's at one of the three local pick n pulls right now, meaning these are relatively common and I'm going to yank one as soon as my new job cuts me a paycheck.

    106.9mm supercharger pulley on the Mazda, with a supposed 6" pulley on the crank. This being a car from a country that uses the metric system, that breaks down to 152.4mm diameter, 28.5 psi stock on a 2.3L miller cycle engine according to an old Motor Trend article.

    90mm on the C32 blower with a 152mm - 154mm crank pulley stock, depending on who you ask and how they measured, from the bottom of the grooves or the top. 14.5 psi stock on the m112k engine according to an old Road and Track article.

    The C32 guys swap the stock blower pulleys out for smaller ones, common sizes being 84mm, 77mm, 70mm, 65mm, and for those that do a ton of backup mods there are 62mm and 61mm pulleys out there. They also swap to larger crank pulleys once the belt starts slipping. Mind you the S76 and the S105 both use an 8 rib setup.
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    Stolen from a post on VWVortex;

    ""ok so here is the skinny....
    mazda S76 charger 1.65L/rev
    AMG S105 charger 1.6L/rev
    output of both : 18M^3/min
    they put out the same amount of air... the mazda charger is much less efficient than the AMG.
    the amg can push out 21M^3 and can run at 21000 RPM's
    the mazda already runs at 21000 rpms and puts out 18 M^3
    the S120 from the V8 mercedes puts out 3.0L/rev
    800 hp capable...
    the other 2 are 450 hp capable.
    mazda and AMG take 55 hp to drive at max rpms.
    make sure you have a large intake to keep the heat down." -potatonet-"

    Other things worth mentioning, the Mazda one uses oil from the engine, and the engine it's adapted to would have to be tapped for oil lines like turbo. The Mercedes unit (also used in the Chrysler) has a self contained lubrication system. Also the throttle body is a huge bottleneck, and adds to the length. Here's some info on the build where I pulled the quote from.
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      I can't find a graph of what the S76 does, and to be completely honest I don't really know how to read one either but I did find graphs on the S105, and Lysholm 1600ax, which is very similar.

      Thre are S105 blowers going for around $220 on ebay right now. Hope I give you all mischievous ideas, and that others will chime in.
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          This is interesting! About to check my local junkyards l