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M43 TURBO swap

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    M43 TURBO swap

    I know its weird to turbocharge this engine but its budget friendly swap because I want to learn as much as I can before buying aftermarket ECU for 6cylinder. The engine has pistons with rods from M40 for lowered CR. Also aiming for not that much 10psi. Motronic 1.7.3 ecu number 0 261 203 661. I managed to understand injection maps also found inj constants but I have 2 confirmative questions and 2 problems.

    Are those WOT INJ maps used in that engine? They seems to have proper values but I found some threads about M1.7.2 WOT INJ not working properly.
    Also does INJ constants work? Descriptor is 3A(058 decimal) 1x3 which makes 3 byte long with all values 128. There seems to be similar map with 1x3 and i think that one is for injector dead time. Could you confirm this?

    The problems are:
    I am unable to make IMMO OFF. I found ASCII number at the end so I can change ISN number but I have no EWS nor key. Maybe some bypass change in ROM?
    I would like to MAF converse it but cant find AFM constants / transfer functions. They must be outside of map area because there are not in MAP LIST and no descriptros. HOW TO FIND THEM?