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    Engine Head Advice

    A while ago I bought a m20 engine with the intention to refresh everything and essentially prepare a drop in turbo upgrade.
    The only thing I've done to the head is that I got it hot tanked, cleaned up a bit from rust, and prepared the valves.
    Anyway, I went to a machine shop today to see how much it would cost me to get the coolant jackets welded up.
    I was quoted closer to $600 to get the jackets welded, then drilled to match a headgasket, as well as something about that the valve guides(maybe seats, I should've written this down) warp so they'll need a bit of work too after the welding. Finally, reassembling everything from valves to cam.
    I could buy a with the work ticket thing from 2013(!) where the guy who left it forgot about it or something and its been sitting since, for around $600. This would involve me basically trading the heads as well and he'll move my bits into the head as besides the studs thats all thats on it. I'll include pictures of my head and the one at the shop. Just wanted to see if I could get some advice on which route to go, or maybe something is too expensive? Another major difference is that my head is stamped with 86, and seems its from a more used mold then the head at the shop which was made in 90. I don't know if thats something important but it caught my eye. Both are 885 heads though.
    I'm going to throw in the pictures of both if that helps.

    My head:

    Head at the shop: