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MegaSquirt v3 wiring help

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    MegaSquirt v3 wiring help

    Hi guys,

    I've been researching how to do megasquirt wiring on my own, got a free v3 megasquirt but the wiring is a mess. New to the turbo game so had a few questions over all. So currently the megasquirt is wired to the 55 pin connector to the e30 wiring harness. I want to redo the wiring make sure its good and will not be currently doing wasted spark.

    I've been reading the megasquirt manual and it says to ground everything to the megasquirt board. So my question was if I run megasquirt to the 55 pin connector would I still need to ground to the megasquirt of the stock grounds will be fine through the wiring harness?

    Also looking at the megasquirt theres a smaller board on top is that the wasted spark board? Also does anyone know what the black box is, not sure whats it used for? The wires have been spliced in odd spots so I'm not sure where each goes so if anyone can identify what some of the wiring is for please let me know. Also I've read that sometimes if you wire it a certain way then the coil gets burned out if key is kept in on position.

    Thank you ahead of time for your time and knowledge.

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    Hope you are not in a hurry to have this running, you are going to have your hands full on this project. Hoping you have soldered in the past, this is going to take some soldering skills as there will be desoldering involved which can be challenging.

    It is a MS1 processor, you might want to update to a MS2 after you get it all up and configured but probably good to get it configured with the MS1 proc first to you don't chance damaging a new one.

    You will want to tie all the grounds together from the 55pin connector and the suggested grounds of the MS board to those.

    That smaller green board is an old Glen's Garage board, it is for the idle control circuit and for the additional two ignition drivers of a wasted spark setup. You have an additional two boards that I'm not sure what are for...

    Best first guess on the black box is probably a wideband controller.

    My suggestion is strip it down, clean it up and check that you can power it up and connect with a computer then do lots of reading/searching and slowly put it together will be your main source of info and where you can find manuals and hit the forums for help has lots of old Megasquirt builds and wiring diagrams that will help
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