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E30 Out of storage, M20 Turbo Build started, timing belt jumped teeth

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    E30 Out of storage, M20 Turbo Build started, timing belt jumped teeth

    10 years ago I broke a rocker arm on my e30. I ended up getting a new head and mounting it, but never completed the project. It sat in storage (being destroyed by rats), then moved with me across the US, sitting on a trailer the last few years.

    Finally over the last few months the project re-gained traction. I researched around, tried and failed with megasquirt, then landed on a speeduino based EFI system.

    Rats had eaten some of the harness over the last decade, so I ended up testing every line and used some of the E30 harness and installed some fresh wiring through the firewall.

    The engine was full of acorns and Rat droppings, I had to blow out inside the cylinder wells using an air compressor as the car sat without an exhaust manifold.

    I replaced the crankshaft seal water pump and timing belt. I was able to gently feel for contact of the valve and piston and align the cam and crank, rotating dozens of times to ensure everything was in the proper position.

    Parts list:

    Rebuilt Head
    Metal headgasket
    ARP Head studs
    33lb Bosch Brown Injectors (wired in pairs firing 1&5, 6&2, 3&4)
    Td05-20g Turbo built in wastegate
    524td turbo manifold
    Speeduino Ecu
    DSM 1G BOV (not yet installed)
    Intercooler that was given to me years ago.
    misc 2.5" piping cut to fit.
    GM IAT
    On/OFF ICV Idle valve
    Brake booster vacuum simplification
    ICV delete
    e32 (Auto Trans) TPS 13631708605
    VW VR6 Coilpack - still need to figure out the logic on this, if I Should set going low or high in MS, if it has built in igniters and if I need 12v or 5V or ground to each bank
    Coilpack wired up to speeduino ignition channels in 3 banks 16,35,24
    8mm spark plug wires
    2 Oil coolers. One before turbo and the other to replace the stock cooler. (the bottom radiator support was bent out of shape by a tow truck driver)
    Oil Pressure gauge
    Aluminum Radiator
    2 8" DC 12v Fans,
    New belts
    Water Pump,
    New Crankshaft seal
    Many AN and NPT fittings
    88+ Coolant Reservoir
    New hoses,
    Fuel canister delete
    Simplified coolant lines and removal of heater core bypass valve (new heater core planned)
    New fuel filter
    Lambda oxygen sensor
    JAW Wideband controller
    Oxygen sensor extension harness

    All new suspension bushings
    Springs shocks
    16x8 0 offset rims
    New paintjob fix dents rust and rat damage

    New wiring for fuel injectors with 8 pin plug (includes wiring for coolant sensor

    New water pump timing belt and seals.

    The floor is covered in rat poop :( I'm going to have to rip it out. ( And clean up the rats nest of wires!)

    2nd oil cooler and Intercooler

    Oil pan cleaning, new gasket and turbo return line install, new crankshaft seals

    Fitting Turbo, wiring injectors lines to new 8 pin harness

    So far I've got TPS, Coolant (uncalibrated), IAT, and Crankshaft sensors wired up and working.

    Today could put me back where I started though. I have all the spark plugs out, and have been cranking the engine to test the crankshaft sensor being read by the speeduino ECU.

    Today while jumping the starter the timing belt skipped teeth and the starter stopped being able to crank. I came to the realization that the piston and valve were touching. Yikes!

    I noticed a tear in the timing belt and sure enough the engine was out of alignment! There was no play on the tensioner when I tightened it down, or when I took the cover off to inspect.

    I apologize for the broken links here is the album and I will update it in the morning



      Well it looks like I'm going to have to take the head off the block. I thought i was 180 out on the crank/cam gears and hitting a valve, but no matter how much I turn the camshaft the crank stops turning at the exact same point like it's jammed against something, probably a bent valve.


        So I took the head off. Should have done that in the first place. The piston wells were filled with debris and poop from the rats.

        It broke some valves and rocker arms when the belt skipped teeth. Also I'm thinking that piston is a little too damaged?

        I'll be rebuilding the head. I'm hoping that piston is not too damaged and that I don't have to rebuild the block as well, but I think I am going to have to.