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    Turbo part sourcing

    I am planning to put my M20 turbo during the winter!

    in the past few month , i have baught parts here and there and i want to know if i miss something before starting the « project » . Here is what i have in hand right now :

    -160000 km engine with 15000km rebuild head
    -used holset hx35w turbo
    -Used precision 46mm vband wastegate
    -used 42lbs bmw green injector
    -New Diypsi headers
    -New Cx racing fmic
    -New cx racing 2 1/4 piping + coupler/clamp
    -Used turbosmart blow off valve
    -New Aem uego type X wideband
    -New Automoter 20psi boost gage
    -New vent gauge pod
    -New Aem 340lph intank fuel pump
    -New turbo blanket
    -New spark plug heat insulator
    -New Arp head stud
    -New turbosmart manual boost controler
    -New oil feed line + fiting
    -New oil drain line + fitting
    -New oil cooler + line + fitting/adapter
    -New relative weld on bung
    -New Megasquirt 2 pnp Ecu
    -New Gm iat sensor
    -New needed gasket

    i know i need to buy :
    -clutch Kit
    -cold spark plug
    -vband clamp
    -exaust relative pipe for DP and exaust system
    -refresh my distibutor and fire coponent.

    other question in have , maybe dumb one but it really got me questionning!
    when turbocharging a non turbo car , what we need to do with all the vacuum line ? Since they will be underboost , do i need to put check valve on everything?

    and finally , how many WHP my future setup could get ?
    i planned to go on the dyno and run at 14-15psi and get tuned very conservative because in want the car to still be realible .(lol)