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M10 1.8L Base MS tune anyone???

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    M10 1.8L Base MS tune anyone???

    Hello, I have a 1984 318i with the M10 that I did some upgrades to.

    *Ported an Polished heads
    *Port matched intake
    *Bigger valves with a 3 angle cut
    *Mild cam
    *Upgraded valve springs N rockers
    *4-1 Long tube headers to a 2.5" collector
    ​​​​*2" straight pipe exhaust with a 2.5" Borla muffler
    *Stock bottom end
    *Stock distributor with V.R sensor for crank position/ignition timing
    *Aftermarket GM 3 wire Throttle Position Sensor
    *Aftermarket GM 2 wire I.A.T Sensor
    *Stock E.C.T Sensor
    *Megasquirt 2 v3.57 board running my injection and ignition
    *Innovate motorsports Lc-2 wide band O2 sensor controller w/ Analog gauge

    I was wondering if anyone had a semi similar or just a stock M10 base tune for me to start with so I don't blow anything up when I try to turn that key for the first time. I appreciate any and all POSITIVE informational feedback and /or tunes for me Thanks!!