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EFI to carb

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    EFI to carb

    Anyone have any experience doing this? Is it as simple as throwing Ireland engineerings dcoe manifold on with some 40s with a low pressure pump or is there more to it?

    I would say there is a few well documented builds on 2002faq. Just look up efi on there.
    Also I've come across a couple of people that are doing the build on that I could post some links if you're into it. One of them is finished. It's in Norwegian obviously, so you can use translate on chrome. Although these builds are also turbocharged as well as efi, you can take what you want from it.

    Well since I'm here, might as well:

    This the one that's somewhat finished

    This is the one that is still in progress:

    And who knows, maybe soon you'll find my build here as well ;)
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