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M10 Vacuum Lines

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    M10 Vacuum Lines

    Hey gang I just picked up another E30 but this is my first M10 engine. I just recently grabbed a 1985 318i that is pretty close to original condition here locally. I have been running through the car as it has a hesitation when it is cold after start up which requires a generous application of the throttle to keep the car alive. Once it heats up the idle is more consistent but it does hesitate coming off rev.

    So far I have checked and verified the following.

    Fuel pressure flow from fuel pressure regulator return line per Bentley manual. Within specs

    Fuel pressure from tapping in at cold start injector - Within specs

    Thermo switch resistance per Bentley manual - within specs

    Pulled cold start injector - sprayed for 8 seconds and stopped no residual drips - within specs of Bentley

    I have done a valve adjustment and ordered new plugs, wires, fuel filter, cap and rotor from FCP Euro just as a maintenance plan. When I pulled compression the plugs were fouled out from running rich but the compression was perfect along all four cylinders and the engine is tight.

    As I was working under the hood I noticed a few vacuum lines so dry rotted they were not connected (I.E. fuel pressure regulator)

    I have been trying to track down a diagram of the vacuum lines from realism and the Bentley manual but I am not 100% accurate of the locations. In viewing other threads here my lines are going to different plugs compared to other users.

    Does anyone have a diagram of the vacuum lines for a 85 M10 my other E30’s have all been M20 motors so I am new to this setup and engine. I have also asked autozone for a diagram but they do not have anything for this year vehicle.

    Thanks for the help, hope to get this girl on the road soon.

    Cliff notes - need vacuum line diagram for M10 engine