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Transmission shifts into 1-5, but not reverse.

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    Transmission shifts into 1-5, but not reverse.

    I was driving around all day with the car. Then when I get home and I normally park my car in reverse. Press the clutch pedal down, go out of 1st into reverse with no gear grinding. Work the clutch pedal and gas. Realize that it's not moving and stall.

    Turn it back on and put it into 1st gear, it goes forward. So I put it back into reverse. Nothing.

    Anyone have a similar problem???

    Wait, it stalls in reverse but doesn't move? Almost sounds like an ebrake issue. In some older cars, the ebrake shoes can wedge themselves into the brake drum when going in one direction, usually reverse. Lift the back end of the car on jackstands, then see if the wheels turn freely while up in the air by hand.

    Not sure if the e30 ebrake design has this flaw, but I'm just thinking out loud.
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      I'll have to check my the parking brake in the morning.

      It didn't move in reverse, but it moved going forward.

      Every week has been something different going wrong with it lol


        An update.

        Found what was wrong with it. Nothing to do with the transmission. Drivers side hub is the culprit