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Refit valve cover baffle plate

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    Refit valve cover baffle plate

    Hi everyone, I have a Hartge valve cover with a missing rivet on the baffle plate. Is there somebody who has reinstalled this plate before? If so, share your experience: what kind and size of rivet did you use?
    It looks like the previous owner used driven rivets. I can't find those (yet) in the Netherlands, also I wouldn't know what diameter to use safely in a blind hole in aluminum casting.

    Did the same thing on my normal cover, drilled the old pins out and put in rivets.. Altho not that big lol, just enough lip to hold the plate. I guess it depends how large they were drilled. You want them to be snug going in before you expand them and not too long so they don't seat. Would hate for one to fall out from harmonics. If they fit snug then you're good, I just used a cheap rivet gun, nothing fancy.
    Boris - 89 E30 325i
    84- E30 323i