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M20B27 to 84 318

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    M20B27 to 84 318

    A friend of mine has an 87 2.7. I am probably going to get the tranny and rear differential with the rear suspension and disc brakes. What all can I use from the existing parts on the 318, if any? Do I need anything else and how tough would it be electronicaly because he is not going to need his ECU either so ill have that to? Thanks

    well I just transplanted an 84 325e 2.7 into my 85 318i this past winter. Even had to go from a 5 speed to and automatic since the m10 transmission wont work on an m20. Everything was bolt on and the cut outs were there for the automatic swap. The only thing that scared me was the C-101 connector by the fuse box. The plugs were both the rectangular type and the wires were similar. I never did find a wiring diagram for the plug so I ended up taking a big chance and plugged it in, Worked fine for me. also my coolant reservoir isn't mounted by anything but zip ties at the moment but after I get moved to Florida I will do a 5 speed conversion and get an e36 radiator with a built in reservoir.

    I hope this helps.