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Cranking and Ignition problem - The car does not start at all

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    Cranking and Ignition problem - The car does not start at all

    Hi everyone
    Let me ask for some help. I have already read tons of forums about cranking issues, and tested everything on my car, but I am not able to find the solution.
    I have a 85 M20B20 E30 L-Jetronic rebuilded to Motronic 1.3 engine. My car had ran fine, but suddenly it stopped working about a month ago and I am not able to start it at all from then.
    Symptoms: Starter is working, engine is cranking, but do not start.
    I have already bought new rotor arm, distributor cap, and ignition coil.
    I have bought HT leads and spark plugs about a year ago, so they are new as well.
    I had spark tested on the rocker cover.
    Timing is good, the timing belt is in the right position. I have changed the timing belt a month ago, and the car started on the first try well. After I stopped it, it does not start from that time.
    Replaced the fuel pump, tested with jumpering it, and it is working so fuel is present as well. Spark plugs are wet from fuel seems it doesn't caught fire.
    Tested all the relays, but they are new as well, and work as well.
    I have checked all the wires of the motronic ecu connector, they are good.
    All the resistivity checks show correct values on CPS, Coil, and everywhere.
    Some says I have to check the Fusible Link 50A connections, but I do not have that.
    Tried the light bulb test on the coil. It is flickering a litle, and the light intense dropping down while cranking.
    Some says I have to check the Over Voltage Protection Relay, but I do not have ABS system, so I do not have it either (or I could find it under the dash).
    Any other ideas?
    Previously I had some issue with engine, at high rpm on the move sometimes it stalls for a moment.
    I have a raised compression ratio. Is it possible that the sparks are weak somehow and the pistons "blows away" the spark?
    Please help someone is smarter than me.

    Fusible link blown? Assuming you have the battery in the trunk.