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Idle issue after no start issue

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    Idle issue after no start issue

    So my M20 wouldnt start after i did the timing belt etc. I replaced the coil and other ignition components and finally got it resolved. There was a idling issue with it hovering around 5-9k and would sometimes fall down below the 5k range. Took it out for a drive on the block, after the third attempt to get it warmed up and sure that it wouldn't die on me or something worse, car died in neutral. Coasted home (downhill) every time i braked there was a significant leak, about 3x3 of oil? Was blackish. Car wouldn't start up again, I figure its got to be an oil issue, but the only thing i touched was the bitch tube to get my intake off for painting.... Any ideas where to start? Going to be diving into it this weekend. Car doesn't leak in the garage, leaked driving, oil pan isn't leaking. Unfortunately the whole thing is dirty so its hard to track if something is fresh or old oil. Again the car was sitting for awhile with untreated gas and gas mixing with oil so I know there is a leak somewhere, just not sure if these are correlated.
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    Bitch tube wont leak unless the oil pump is turning, so, those o rings need to be seated.

    Really high idle happens if the idle control valve isn’t plugged in, or, contacts are bad.

    Probably have a vacuum leak too. You have lots going on I think. Be precise and thorough when you tear down and reassemble. It’s critical, especially on the intake side.
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