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1990 325i Convertible No Crank No Start

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    1990 325i Convertible No Crank No Start

    Hi All, My Automatic 1990 325i won't crank no matter what I try, here'ís a little backstory:

    It'ís been sitting for a few years, but a little more than a year ago before towing it to a new location, it wouldn't start but I started it by bridging with a screwdriver but I turned it off shortly after. Yes, the engine had oil when I started it.

    Fast forward to now, it won't even crank. Here's everything I tried to no avail:

    Bridging the Starter again,
    New Battery,
    New DME Relay,
    Hitting the Starter while turning the key,
    Tested Starter with multimeter- Starter's fine,
    Tested new battery- battery'ís fine.

    When I stick the key in, the dash lights and the panel above the rearview mirror's lights come on too. Only other thing I could think of is the engine has maybe seized but could the engine have seized by just sitting for over 1 year? Any advice is appreciated :)
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