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M20B25 Help please!!

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    M20B25 Help please!!

    Hi guys,

    My story goes,

    Everything was sweet, had a slight missfire despite a complete recondition & ignition refresh so in goes new injectors (aftermarket which were running mint for a few weeks) until because they were a bit shorter than stock one or two popped out and gushed out fuel.

    I took off the intake, drilled extra space in the rail and made sure they fit snug and tight.

    Put it all together, and now my symptoms are:
    • A "weak" start-up
    • a blip in throttle makes the car choke and nearly/sometimes does die.
    • A gradual acceleration is fine, but when it then comes down to idle it misses a beat but then leans out and idles.
    • Leaving the fuel cap off does nothing, usually it would make the car idle rougher.
    side note-
    • I can hear hissing from the DCV area but im not sure if thats normal? have checked the hoses in the area and they are air tight.
    • In the same area is a more distinctive metallic sound..

    My theory is that somewhere along the lines, ive got dirt in the new injectors and one may be clogged?

    Has anyone had these symptoms and have any suggestions please?!?!?

    Thank you in advance!

    As you may or may not know, idle issues are probably the single biggest headache with these cars. Rarely is it one thing or simple. The best, all in one place, document I found is here:

    Sorry, no easy answer
    2004 525i Manual - 1985 325E Coupe Manual


      Clean ICV (with carbs cleaner), Clean also TPS and perform continuity check.
      Wish you luck