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    Starter Grinding

    When I start my 1990 325i, the starter seems to stay engaged with the flywheel for a second or two, resulting in a loud grinding/squealing sound. After the car starts, the noise goes away (until the recent development, read on). I've been dealing with this problem for a while. I replaced the original starter with a remanufactured one a while back, and the noise persisted. I tried lubricating the pinion/bendix shaft, and the noise persisted.

    Recently, I rebuilt the M20 and while the engine was apart, I took a look at the flywheel and it seems like there is some recent wear on the engagement side of the ring gear. I tried shimming the starter back by 1/8", but now the old, familiar noise is still there and a new noise appeared!! It sound like the pinion is continuously rubbing against the flywheel as the engine runs. I am resisting from running the car due to this, my next step would be to remove the shim and see if the noise goes back to the original flavor.

    The engine starts and runs, the battery is new, and the starter is new (remanufactured). I have not messed with the electrical system, could a relay be sticking for half a second, causing the starter to remain engaged for too long? Could it be the ignition switch is going bad?

    Any advice on what to try next would be appreciated, I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall. Thanks!

    Sounds like the dust shield is missing. I forgot to put mine on and it did the same Sent from my moto z4 using Tapatalk