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M30 check control panel

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    M30 check control panel

    I have an m30b35 in an 87 325is chassis. The wire harness is the stock m20 harness modified to the m30. The coolant and oil level lights on the check control panel are always on.

    Anyone have experience with this? Do I have to convert to the m20 sending units as is the case with the temp sensor in order to get an accurate reading? or is there another simpler solution?

    hum, I had no problem making mine work, I used the m30 oil level sender, and then the stock e30 coolant level. I had to splice a m20 plug onto the m30 sender but it worked fine.
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      I'm looking into putting a m30 motor in my 88... around how much would u say a good m30 motor/tranny from a e34 run me...and what did u do to the driveshaft shorten it or replaced it the e30 m3 shaft?


        Depends on which DS you are workign from... do a search and check up on what else has been written... Alot has been written, i can guarantee that.

        Some people shorten the DS, some people lengthen it. Some need an M3 DS. I didnt'. i used my stock 88 325 super eta DS. It was a little short, but I made it fit. there is so much you can do...

        Cost for whole replacement is around 3-4k
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